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“Community Strength through Family Strength” describes our community-based organization working with children, families and caregivers to enhance strengths, to build capacities and to promote healthy development. Programs offer a diverse range of activities and services, depending on community needs. In general, programs focus primarily on prevention, and promote health and well being. While programs are diverse, they share common values and approaches to supporting families and fostering healthy communities. Programs are resourced by the principles of supportive relationship building, family and community education, and respect for diversity and community development.

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REGISTER NOW for the fall of 2010 Mary Poppins Preschool . The preschool is located in the Medley Community Centre. Programs are offered in English, French Immersion and Francophone. Nutritious snacks are provided, no mandatroy fund raising or volunteering. Stay at home Parent Grants for those who qualify. The program is open the entire community of Cold Lake. For more information call 780-594-6407 for e-mail waverly.cunningham@forces.gc.ca.

LET THE FUN BEGIN @ The Summer Fun Program.  Crafts supplies where supplied by HJ. It’s not too late to register. The program runs from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday at the RA Reynolds School. It is open to children from grade one to grade six. There will be a variety of indoor and outdoor activities as well as field trips and swimming at the JJ Parr. Provincial subsidies are available for families who qualify. This program is open to the entire Cold Lake Community. To register or for more information drop by the MFRC office or call 780-594-6006.

4 Wing MFRC once again presents “Annual Green Thumb Awards and Art in The Yard”. Pre-judging takes place August 9th with final judging August 11. First, second and third place overall will be awarded for the time and effort enchancing your 4 Wing yard for the summer. Artistic impression and imaginative use of space will be the basis of judging for the Art in the Yard. No registration necessary.

Second Language Training 2010 Fall Session runs from September 13 to November 26. Progress Level 1 Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm starting September 14. This course is for those who have little or no French. Progress Level 2 Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm starting September 14. This course is for those who have taken the Basic class or have some knowledge or experience in French. Progress Levels 3 to 6, dates TBA, are for those who have taken the Intermediate Level or have a working knowledge of the French Language and require practice of their skills.

Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Children

At Wing Cold Lake Military Family, we’re about doing more for military families in the Canadian Forces. And while most of our efforts tend to be focused on children, the importance of parents can’t be overlooked. After all, they are the foundation of all of our Force families.

Today, we’re going to discuss the health benefits of inversion tables. While this might seem random, there are actually a lot of reasons why this is a topic worth paying attention to. That’s because inversion tables pose numerous benefits to users, like relieving physical injuries sustained while in combat while also alleviating the daily stress that comes with life upon returning home.

As a result, families can get healthy together and enjoy long-term happiness upon returning home.

So, What is an Inversion Table?

There are many people who aren’t quite sure what inversion tables are or perhaps have heard of them but still aren’t sure what they do. In any case, let’s take just a short time to discuss specifically what they are.

An inversion table is simple a table that allows you to secure your feet and then rotate to various angles so your feet are positioned above your head. Doing so is often recommended for those with back pain, although inversion tables can also help with various problems like poor circulation, neck pain, and even joint pain, among others.

Benefits of Using an Inversion Table

There are several health benefits that you stand to gain by using an inversion table. By doing so, you empower yourself to do more with your family and ensure that you’re doing everything you can for optimal health.

Now, what are the actual benefits of inversion tables? They’re numerous and include:


  • Pain Relief – Most often, inversion therapy is recommended for individuals with a wide range of back and neck pain. Inversion tables work by reversing the traditional pull of gravity to decompress the spine and relieve tension that builds up on a daily basis.


  • Improved Posture – Because inversion tables reduce the pull of gravity to create space between spinal discs, you’re able to not only realign your spine but also improve your posture in the process.


  • Improved Joint Health – Joint health is a problem for many parents, especially as they get older. Luckily, an inversion table can also help promote joint health because it reduces the pressure being put on the joints everyday. This works similarly to how an inversion table relieves back pain.


  • Improved Circulation – Poor circulation is another common problem that parents face as they age. Inversion promotes better circulation through its action by allowing blood to collect in the organs and then once you return to a normal posture, the blood is released.


  • Reduce Stress and Tension – Stress has a nasty habit of collecting around the back and neck. The best part about inversion tables is that they’re able to reduce stress and tension through its action, making it simple to reduce overall stress.

Inversion Tables Can Improve Both Your and Your Family’s Quality of Life

The best inversion tables can significantly improve both your life and your family’s life. Read more about at smartinversiontables.com.

Now, keep in mind that inversion therapy isn’t for everyone. It’s always important to evaluate your health and what you want.

But if you want to benefit your health and your family’s future, it might be a great idea.

Helping Military Families By Helping Vents

When vents come back home they have a number of issues they have to now  face. From emotionally to physically, so getting a support group can often help them find the support they need.

Often they simply just need a helping hand and someone to count on for recover, but today we’re asking for your help. Today we’re not talking about our support group to help support the emotional aspects of our vents after war, but the physical problems they have on a daily bases.

Today we’re taking about the men and woman to come back from war and face pain real pain!

We’ve talked with the doctor at the veteran affairs Canada about what we could do to help better service our man and woman. Well, they said they could use some help by supplying inversion tables. The doctors from veteran affairs Ste. Anne’s Hospital  told us to use this website to help buy the best inversion tables for our troops. If you would like to find out more information click here to visit the site.

Where To Send The Tables To The Troops?

Sending the tables to the troops isn’t hard, simply contact us on our contact us page. Once you call us just tell us your looking to send a table for our inversion table champaign and we’ll be able to help with that.

Thanks and again if you have any questions or comments just contact us.