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“Community Strength through Family Strength” describes our community-based organization working with children, families and caregivers to enhance strengths, to build capacities and to promote healthy development. Programs offer a diverse range of activities and services, depending on community needs. In general, programs focus primarily on prevention, and promote health and well being. While programs are diverse, they share common values and approaches to supporting families and fostering healthy communities. Programs are resourced by the principles of supportive relationship building, family and community education, and respect for diversity and community development.

We encourage you to explore the 4 Wing MFRC website for detailed information about the programs, services and activities or browse for information. Enjoy your visit!


REGISTER NOW for the fall of 2010 Mary Poppins Preschool . The preschool is located in the Medley Community Centre. Programs are offered in English, French Immersion and Francophone. Nutritious snacks are provided, no mandatroy fund raising or volunteering. Stay at home Parent Grants for those who qualify. The program is open the entire community of Cold Lake. For more information call 780-594-6407 for e-mail waverly.cunningham@forces.gc.ca.

LET THE FUN BEGIN @ The Summer Fun Program.  Crafts supplies where supplied by HJ. It’s not too late to register. The program runs from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday at the RA Reynolds School. It is open to children from grade one to grade six. There will be a variety of indoor and outdoor activities as well as field trips and swimming at the JJ Parr. Provincial subsidies are available for families who qualify. This program is open to the entire Cold Lake Community. To register or for more information drop by the MFRC office or call 780-594-6006.

4 Wing MFRC once again presents “Annual Green Thumb Awards and Art in The Yard”. Pre-judging takes place August 9th with final judging August 11. First, second and third place overall will be awarded for the time and effort enchancing your 4 Wing yard for the summer. Artistic impression and imaginative use of space will be the basis of judging for the Art in the Yard. No registration necessary.

Second Language Training 2010 Fall Session runs from September 13 to November 26. Progress Level 1 Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm starting September 14. This course is for those who have little or no French. Progress Level 2 Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm starting September 14. This course is for those who have taken the Basic class or have some knowledge or experience in French. Progress Levels 3 to 6, dates TBA, are for those who have taken the Intermediate Level or have a working knowledge of the French Language and require practice of their skills.

Got a Cell Phone? A Pager Service Can Still be a Valuable Asset

Nobody can deny the leaps and bounds technology has made over the last century. The industrial revolution that saw us working with coal, steam and other raw materials has led to a world of futuristic gadgets. When before, it took a gramophone to churn out grainy music, we now have iPods and mp3 players blasting out crisp and clear tunes. One particular gadget that has developed with the modern world but still held its simple, minimalistic charm is the pager. More functional than most would imagine, this nifty tool is remarkably useful.

Why not just get a a mobile phone instead?

You might be asking yourself, why get a pager service when you can get a mobile phone to communicate instead? There are several valid reasons that clearly indicate the usefulness of a pager over a phone. Certain areas that hold sensitive information often ban the use of cellphones. Should you need to communicate, a pager will be highly useful in that situation. Another perk is that pagers have tougher battery life. These babies can last you for up to 6 weeks before you’d need to charge them again. Consider how long it takes before you have to charge your mobile phone again, and compare it to 6 long weeks! Thirdly, pagers aren’t subject to spotty signal in their area of coverage. Whether you’re in a building, signal doesn’t waver unlike that of a mobile phone. Pagers also have significantly less running costs, pagers offer much more privacy and discretion than the huge face of your mobile phone, and there have been no documented health issues associated with these devices.

I already have a mobile phone. Why do I need a pager on top of that?

Not many people know it, but pagers can be integral parts of communications systems. You can use them to compliment your mobile telephone usage or even hook them up into various security systems you have set up. Statistics support the belief that pagers can compliment mobile usage, as one-third of mobile phone users in the United States actually use a pager in tandem with it!

Other great benefits of pager usage are that they can be discreet, allowing you to screen messages, they have better reception, and pagers allow for rapid response. Messages arrive almost instantaneously with hardly any delay. Your costs are reduced and you tend to plan your messages more, with about 50% of messages having shown to be one-way, without needing responses or dragging conversations. Pagers can also broadcast to a wide number of people and ensure that they receive it in a timely manner.